Maylynn grew up in a city with impossibly high standards, where
mental health took a back seat. After leaving Hong Kong, she started practising yoga and noticed a shift in her outlook. Using yoga as her medicine, she started cultivating a life of laughter and fullness, and realised how everything became less dramatic when you face challenges with a light heart.


Recognising this took her travelling around the world in search
for a solid answer, it wasn't until her trip to Guatemala that she understood that what she needed to know was that wherever she was in the world and whatever she was doing, it was important to listen to her body and mind, and adapt to the environment and find peace, this was her yoga.


Now Maylynn wants to spread this message and show people
their own power to heal themselves with love and joy. She is a 500 hour qualified yoga teacher, Reiki II healer, masseuse and holistic health coach. Though she has been formally trained in
all these disciplines, what makes her most qualified are her
own life experiences and passion to empower self healing
in any and everyone.


The approach Maylynn takes is a holistic one, understanding that no two individuals are the same, therefore no two journeys to heal will be either. She comes to clients and students with an open heart, sense of humour and sincerity.


Yoga has changed my life for the better in so many ways, and shaped who I am today; a happier, healthier, more balanced version of myself. My greatest ambition is to share my passion
for yoga with others and guide them to achieving a hundy
abundy lifestyle.



Bachelors of Science with Honours in Biological and Medicial Chemistry, UEA, July 2015

200 hr Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikul Yogshala, September 2015

Swedish Body Massage Diploma, Therapy Training School, November 2016

Indian Head Massage Diploma, Therapy Training School, October 2016

Health Coach Training Program, IIN, July 2017

Reiki II 2018

100hr Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga Teacher Training, Anahata, November 2018

300hr Yoga Teacher Training, Kula Collective, December 2018

Coming up with a name was probably the hardest task and one that took the longest time. I wanted something that would capture my goals for this company and also to sound authentically me.


Hundy Abundy is short for 100% abundance.


Although 'abundance' is used quite excessively in the holistic health community, I found it hard to find a word that was more appropriate for the service I want to offer. 'Hundy' is pretty self explanatory. Put these two together, and you get Hundy Abundy, which when you get to know me is actually quite fitting.

Hundy Abundy?

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